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1. Imprecise Reliability: An Introductory Review

2. Aggregation of judgements provided by unknown experts by using the imprecise Dirichlet model

3. Belief functions and the imprecise Dirichlet model

4. Interval assessments in structural reliability using the imprecise Dirichlet model

5. Cautious reliability analysis of multi-state and continuum-state systems based on the imprecise Dirichlet model

6. Risk analysis under partial prior information and non-monotone utility functions

7. Analysis of NPV in project risk management

8. Ranking procedures by pairwise comparison using random sets and the imprecise Dirichlet model

9. Multi-criteria decision making by incomplete information about criteria and decision alternatives (extension of the DS/AHP method)

10. Imprecise boosting 1 2 3

11. One-class classification 1 2

12. Interval-valued data in machine learning

A new book has been published in 2007: Л.В. Уткин. Анализ риска и принятие решений при неполной информации. – СПб.: Наука, 2007. – 404 с.

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